Infographics for Writing Courses
Traci Gardner, Department of English, Virginia Tech

A Module in Canvas Is Like a Bucket

Transcript on this pageI use Modules in Canvas to organize the work for each week. This infographic and its transcript (below) explain how these Modules work.

Infographic Transcript

What Is a Module?

In this course, a module is like a bucket. It contains everything you will need for a week. Inside, you will find details on the readings and other activities that you are to complete for that week. 

What’s Inside the Bucket?

The Overview Page

The Module Overview page is the instructions for the week. It tells you what to do with everything that is in the bucket and it gives you the dates when things are due. 

Readings for the Week

Everything you are supposed to read for the week is listed under the Readings for the Week heading on the Module Overview page. The readings will include

Activities for the Week

The activities you need to complete for the week are listed under the Activities for the Week heading on the Module Overview page. The work for each week will include 






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