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Traci Gardner, Department of English, Virginia Tech

How to Participate in Feedback Discussions

Guidelines for Traci Gardner’s Technical Writing courses at Virginia Tech

Infographic: How to Participate in Feedback Discussions

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Post Your Draft

Upload your draft to the Feedback Discussion. Only people who submit their drafts are assigned peer review partners.

Find Your Peer Review Feedback Partners

Canvas assigns peer review partners after the due date for the Discussion.

Use the Rubric to Give Feedback

Add a general comment, and complete the rubric to provide specific suggestions. You need both a comment and the rubric for Canvas to mark your feedback Complete.

Find Feedback for Your Draft

Check Recent Feedback in the right sidebar on the Home page, or visit the Grades page and click the comment icon on the right.

Use the Feedback to Revise

Read and implement the suggestions that your feedback partners provide. Take the time to improve your work before submitting your Best Draft.

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