Infographics for Writing Courses
Traci Gardner, Department of English, Virginia Tech

Activity Expectations

Activity ExpectationsComplete Most

Complete most of the weekly activities, chapter reviews, and work logs. These activities contribute to the major writing assignments that you will complete. If you miss a couple for some reason, be sure to explain what was going on in your work logs, midterm, and final exam.

Complete Half

Complete about half of the Feedback Discussions. These Discussions are set up with two chances: The first Discussion and then the second-chance Discussion. Focus your best effort on participating in one of each pair.

Try to Complete All

Complete all of the major writing assignments:

Put your very best effort into these activities.


Complete the Midterm and Final Exam to assess your work in the course. These activities tell me about the effort that you have put into the course. Additionall, you talk about the grade you have earned in the course in these documents. If you do not turn in these activities, I will have to guess your grade based on my perception of your work.


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