Spring 2014 Courses

Spring course request is open, so I wanted to share the classes that I'm teaching next term. You won't need the tech writing course, but if you're working on a professional writing minor or just want to learn more about writing online, you might be interested in the Writing and Digital Media course. I've pasted in the course descriptions below with the times that I'm teaching.

English 3844: Writing and Digital Media (3:30 TH)

This course provides both a theoretical and a practical introduction to writing with and for digital media, including content management systems and social media platforms. The course will cover information organization, search engines, and basic HTML and CSS. You will learn to identify, analyze, and respond to the theoretical assumptions underpinning the development and use of digital media. You will also learn how to navigate, set up, and optimize social media sites for developing and distributing digital content, including digital images, video, and audio. 

EDIT: English 3844 does not meet the requirements for any specific CLE area. It is a required course for Professional Writing majors and minors from spring 2015 on however.

3764: Technical Writing (9:05 MWF, 10:10 MWF, and 1:25 MWF)

In this writing-intensive course, you will explore how to communicate technical information to a variety of audiences, ranging from those new to a topic to those who have experience with technical subjects. Assignments will include job application materials, technical descriptions, instructions and documentation, formal reports, and oral presentations. All work for the course will be submitted and graded electronically. You will write during every class session, so please be prepared to bring your laptop or tablet.