Directions Class Plan for 11:15 Class

To get some practice with instructions, you will work with a group of 3 to 4 people to create a set of directions for how to get from our classroom to another location in Pamplin and back to the classroom. 

9/23: Get started, take notes, post notes in the Forums for this class. Use your group name & "notes" as the subject.

9/25: Finish and test your directions.  Post the finished version in the Forums, with group name & "final" as subject. In-class writing will happen at the end of class. 

9/27: Another group will try out your directions and give you feedback.  In-class writing will happen at the end of class. 

Please include the names of your group members with each forum post.

These are the locations you'll provide directions to:

  1. Alpha Group: The Pamplin Undergraduate Programs Office (1046 Pamplin) 
  2. Bravo Group: Reed Kennedy, Director of International Programs (2103 Pamplin) 
  3. Charlie Group: Business Leadership Center (28A Pamplin) 
  4. Delta Group: Office of the Dean (1030 Pamplin) and 
  5. Echo Group: Arthur J. Keown, Dept Head, Finance (1016A Pamplin)
  6. Foxtrot Group: Margie Deck, Management Advising (2101 Pamplin)
  7. Golf Group: MBA Office (1044 Pamplin)
  8. Hotel Group: Department of Business Information Technology (1007 Pamplin)

You may assume that the person is seated in the first row in the classroom and that the person can use the stairs.

Do NOT under any circumstances bother the fine people working in the offices used in this activity.

2013-09-16 Class Plans

Today in class, we will focus on submitting the first assignment.

1. I'll spend a few minutes talking about Memos. The typical headers are To:, From:, Subject:, and Date. You don't use a greeting/salutation or closing. 

2. Work on your cover memo in a word processor. Reply to the questions included in the Assignment, Step 3. Focus on explaining your choices to me so that I understand your Info Sheet and Glossary fully.

3. Make a document that includes all your work in this order:
     a. Cover Memo
     b. Info Sheet
     c. Glossary

4. Save the document as a PDF, using the naming convention LastName-FirstName-Asgt1.pdf. Check the file to make sure the layout is correct and any links work.

5. Go to the assignment and add your document as an Attachment. 

6. Mark the Honor Pledge.

7. Submit your work.

8. HOMEWORK: Next class we'll begin the unit on Instructions and documentation. Please read Markel, Chapter 14 (pp. 375 to 390) before class. I'll ask you to share some of your experiences (good and bad) with documentation in class. 

Homework for Wednesday, 8/28

Complete the Social Networking Experience Survey before class meets on Wednesday, 8/28. Log into the Scholar site for our course and find the survey under the Tests & Quizzes tab in the left menu on the Scholar site. Your answers will help me decide what tools to use in this course.

Bring your computer to class on Wednesday and be prepared to log into Scholar and write at the beginning of the class session.

Welcome to English 3764

phd051013sThis course will focus on technical communication, which includes the written word as well as visual and multimodal forms of communicating. We will spend time writing and talking about writing during every class period, so come to class with a well-charged laptop.

Most sessions will begin with writing. Next we will discuss what we have written and complete activities related to the major assignments in the course. The class will be highly collaborative, so you need to be ready to work with other class members as a team.

Course readings, activities, and all writing assignments will be published on the course’s Scholar site. I will provide feedback and send grades through Scholar as well. I endeavor to run a paper-free course, so there will be few, if any, handouts after the first day of course. You can always find the course materials online. If you like paper, feel free to print them out, but making printouts is not a requirement.

Generally, the information on this site is repeated on the course’s Scholar site. This website simply provides a backup of the information in a location that does not require a login. If you have a question about an assignment or policy, the syllabus and other materials here and on the Scholar site will almost always have the answer for you.