Welcome to English 1105

phd051013sThis course will focus on college-level composition, which includes the written word as well as visual and multimodal forms of communicating. We will spend time writing and talking about writing during every class period, so come to class with a well-charged laptop.

Most sessions will begin with writing. Next we will discuss what we have written and complete activities related to the major assignments in the course. The class will be highly collaborative, so you need to be ready to work with other class members as a team.

Course readings, activities, and all writing assignments will be published on the course’s Scholar site. I will provide feedback and send grades through Scholar as well. I endeavor to run a paper-free course, so there will be few, if any, handouts after the first day of course. You can always find the course materials online. If you like paper, feel free to print them out, but making printouts is not a requirement.

Generally, the information on this site is repeated on the course’s Scholar site. This website simply provides a backup of the information in a location that does not require a login. If you have a question about an assignment or policy, the syllabus and other materials here and on the Scholar site will almost always have the answer for you.