Oral Presentation Tips & Evaluation

Tips for Your Oral Presentations

Once you have a draft of your slideshow, use the Oral Presentation Tips & Checklist to review, revise, and practice your presentation. The checklist in WAVT will help you make sure that you have everything you need in your presentation, so be sure to bring the book to class and check your slideshow.

Evaluation of Oral Presentations

I have added a document to the fourth assignment: Oral Presentation Evaluation. This document explains all the things that will go into your grade for the group project as well as the assignment for a self and group assessment writing that you need to complete by the end of the last day of classes. 

Because this final assignment has many parameters and everyone's grade can be different, I didn't break the grade  out into percentages. As an example, let's say the presentation is a B, but one member of your group was absent for half the classes and only contributed the title slide. That student's grade would be different from a student who was in class every day and wrote 1/3 of the slideshow. 

Please review the document before the next class session (Wed, 12/4) and be prepared to ask any questions. Group work time is limited so I will not read the document in class. I'll just answer questions.

Logistics for the Assessment Writing
Feel free to get started on the self and group assessment writing as you have time, but you will not submit the information via Tests & Quizzes in Scholar until the last day of class (so that you will have had time to see all of the oral presentations). Just work in a word processor and copy your answers over into Scholar on that last day of class.