10/04 Class Plans

Good morning! Today, you're sharing your rough drafts in class. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Go to the Forums and under the Pop Culture Dictionary post, choose the Rough Draft Post for your class period.
  2. Click the "Start New Conversation" button at the top. 
  3. Use your name and your glossary topic as the subject. For instance, my subject might be "Traci Gardner, NCIS Glossary."
  4. Add your rough draft as an attachment.
  5. Add any special notes or questions that you want the person who reads your draft to consider.
  6. Post your message.

After the drafts are posted, find a buddy to exchange with. Read through your partner's rough draft and add a reply to your partner's draft with your feedback. Respond with the questions that are included in the Pop Culture Dictionary Post.

Your peer review feedback in the forums will count for your in-class writing for today.

Now the bad news, I regret to admit that I still have about 10 papers to grade. I'll have them all posted later this afternoon, along with some notes about grading abbreviations I used. Watch you email later this afternoon for the indication that I'm (finally) finished.